What is Gambling?

What comes to mind when you think about gambling?

Poker, Blackjack or other card games? Bingo? Betting on Sports? Scratch tickets? 50/50 Draws or Raffles?

In a Nutshell

Gambling is risking money or valuables on a game, contest or event where the end result depends totally or partially on chance. Another word for this is betting.

Gambling has been around for centuries, in most cultures around the world.

Types of Gambling

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Some kinds of gambling are totally random where the outcome of the game is completely based on chance, therefore unpredictable and no skills are required. The only thing you need to play is… MONEY! A few examples are:

  • bingo
  • slot machines
  • lotteries
  • scratch tickets

The provincial government over sees these games and you must be 18 years old to play (with the exception of Bingo). These games are legalized forms of gambling. Some legalized games such as Black Jack and Poker involve skill but elements of chance still exist.

Gambling also includes betting money on games like pool or basketball. These games can involve some skill but anything can happen, right? Although you might be awesome at shooting hoops, you’re still taking a risk if you choose to gamble on each shot you try to make. You could sneeze, get distracted by a ringing cell phone, get stung by a bee, or slip on the pavement – all causing you to miss a shot!

Look at these Numbers!

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In the last student survey conducted by AFM (2005):

  • 38% of students in grades 7 to Senior 4 reported gambling in some form in the previous year
  • Males reporting gambling significantly more than females
  • Problem gamblers were more likely to have started gambling at a younger age
  • Problem gamblers had lower grades and a higher percentage were skipping class, failing school and/or engaging in acts of delinquency
  • Approximately 15% of students thought that a family member’s involvement had been a problem for them

85% of adults in Manitoba say that they gambled in the past year. That’s a high percentage. Do you think that in the past year, 85% of adults?

  • Went jogging or walking?
  • Baked a cake?
  • Played checkers?
  • Planted a Garden?
  • Did a jigsaw puzzle or crossword?