There are many myths around gambling. A myth is a legend or story that is shared with others that sometimes is believed to be fact. For some people, believing some myths can lead to problems with gambling. Sometimes they may not know that gambling is random and has a built in house advantage.

Here are some common myths related to gambling:

If I’m Lucky… I’ll Be Good at Gambling!

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“It’s my lucky day” or “I’m feeling lucky” are common sayings that people use when things are just going their way! Having a positive attitude can be very healthy, but… a gambler who believes that feeling lucky will make them win a game could be headed for trouble. They might believe that something they think, do or feel will make a difference whether they win or not.

If a gambler wins and believes in feeling “lucky”, they could end up spending more money based on how they are feeling. Some people might keep trying and trying to prove their luck is really what is working for them. Sounds kind of strange that someone would actually think this doesn’t it?

If I Try Harder… I Will Succeed!

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For most things in life, if you want to get better at something, you need to try harder at it. For the most part this does work… like in school, sports or other skill-based activities. But the thing about trying harder at gambling is it might just cost more money! Remember that gambling is random, so your chances of winning stay the same no matter how hard you try!

I Was so Close, I ALMOST Won!

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Have you ever almost won at gambling? This is called a near win or near miss. Let’s see – almost winning means that you go home with what? Yep, that’d be NOTHING! For some people, a near-win makes them believe that they are closer to winning. This is not true

Think about how a raffle works. If you have raffle ticket number 10 and the winning number is 11, even though you were close, you didn’t win. The ticket does not know that you were close or not! Just like your bingo card does not know if you are one number or five numbers away from a BINGO!

I Always Win

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Winning feels good. It’s exciting and can give you an adrenalin rush. Think back about how you felt when you won an award or a board game or sporting event. It’s fun to think about pleasant memories. Sometimes they can even get you through a bad day!

For some people who gamble, winning is all that they try to remember. For them, thinking only about the winning part of gambling can cause them problems because they have forgotten about all the cash that they may have lost. They might not be honest about how much they have lost. This may be a sign that someone could be in trouble with their gambling.

I Am Good at Video Games… so I Will Be Good at Playing Electronic Gambling Games

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Do you like to play video games? Are you good at them? Video games are fun and entertaining. With practice, it’s easy to win – and even “wrap” a game.

The only thing video games and electronic gambling games have in common is they are viewed on a screen. A slot machine or VLT is meant for gambling – there is no skill involved as the games are random. When people win on electronic gambling, it is based on chance not skill! Remember that although both video games and slot machines or VLT’s are electronic, the latter is always random. Playing video games differ in that overtime your skill for that particular game can increase. With electronic gambling however playing often will not increase your skill level, the result will most likely be more money spent.

Gambling Is a Sure Way to Make Money!

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Making money from gambling seems easy… but if you consider that it costs money each time you play, unlike a job that definitely pays out, each time you gamble, it costs you money and there is no guarantee you will be paid in the end. Also, let us not forget that in gambling, the odds are against you and randomness keeps the outcome of each game unpredictable… and it’s the house that wins and surely makes money in the long run, which will cost you money overtime!

Gambling Is Always Dangerous!

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If you understand how gambling works and you set limits on your time as well as your money (ie gamble responsibly), you’re keeping the game fun… Under these circumstances, there is a safe way to play and avoid the risks to YOU! Of course, it is true that the best way to stay safe with gambling is to choose not to gamble at all!


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Do you know someone who is superstitious? Are you superstitious? Superstitions are believing in something that is not real, like a black cat crossing your path brings bad luck or finding a four leaf clover brings luck. You’ve probably heard about someone having a lucky shirt or lucky socks that they like to wear when playing sports.

Gambling has its own superstitions:

  • Lucky number
  • Lucky stuffed animal or picture
  • Lucky troll dolls
  • Lucky charm = (Hotlink to Lucky Charm section)
  • Four leaf clover
  • Blowing on dice
  • Rolling dice in a certain way
  • Lucky chair or slot/VLT

Believing in these can cause problems for gamblers.

Lucky Charms

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Having a lucky charm, shirt or number can be fun, but can cause problems if used in gambling. Some gamblers may bet more if they believe their lucky shirt, number, or charm really works. They may get really upset if the charm gets lost or wears out!

Some people really believe that superstitions will somehow help them to win at gambling. They might get very upset if something interferes with their superstition. It’s important to remember that although superstitions may be fun, they do not make a difference in winning at gambling.